Q Will the Honda mower be suitable for your particular use?
A Please do ask questions to determine if the product you are purchasing is of the correct type for your use. This is particularly important when choosing Lawn Mowers, as we supply a wide range of models in many sizes and specifications.


Q Has the Honda Mower received a PDI?
A PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) is one of the most important tasks any machine receives prior to sale. This ensures the Honda Mower operates correctly and at the optimum performance when used for the first time. A copy of the PDI sheet will be included with the Honda Mower.


Q What should I receive with the Honda Mower?
A When your Honda Mower is delivered please ensure all documentation is supplied e.g. Owners Manual, Warranty Book/Card. Please read these before use, as they will ensure safe operation and optimum performance.


Q Will my Honda Mower be registered for warranty?
A As Honda main dealers we will ensure your Honda Mower is registered for warranty. All approved Honda dealers have access to an on-line system, this guarantees your product is registered and the warranty coverage has been activated.


Q What do I do before using the Honda Mower?
A Please make sure the correct type of oil is used and to the correct level (please refer to the Owners Manual), the fuel tank should also be filled with fresh unleaded fuel.

The above is required as Honda Mowers cannot be transported containing liquids.


Q If there is a problem, who should I contact?
A In the unlikely event of an issue, please contact us using the contact details given in the About Us section or use the contact form.


Q What is mulching?
A Mulching involves simply blocking the ejection channel of the Honda lawnmower’s cutter casing and in some instances fitting a second blade. The grass is cut by the blade/blades and is finely shredded before falling back onto the lawn. For more specific advice and the suitability of mulching for your application please contact us.


Q What is Versamow?
A The Honda Versamow System™ is a revolutionary 4 in 1 system that allows you to Mulch, Bag, Discharge and Leaf Shred by simply altering the clip director. This feature is exclusive to the HRX 537 range.


Q What is a Hydrostatic drive?
A This feature provides a variable ground speed and regardless of the speed the mower is travelling it ensures the blades rotate at a constant speed, Honda Mowers that have an H in the letters at the end of their model number have this feature.


Q Do Honda garden care products run on unleaded petrol?
A Yes. Honda power products have been designed to run on unleaded petrol. Non-Honda branded machines that are “powered” by a Honda Engine have been designed to run on unleaded petrol since 1978.


Q Where can I locate noise levels and vibrations levels for Honda Lawn mowers?
A Specifications for selected Honda Lawn mowers including noise and vibration levels are located in the Brochures and the owners’ manuals. Should you need information on a model not published please contact us


Q Where do I buy genuine Honda Power Equipment parts / accessories for my Honda Mower ?
A Parts and Accessories are available from us or other authorised Honda Power Equipment dealers. If parts are not in stock at the dealer premises they can be ordered by the dealer direct with Honda Parts.


Q What is Honda (UK) approach to the environment and recycling?
A Honda's approach is to look to reduce the environmental impact of our activities at each stage of our operations. This includes a comprehensive approach to recycling and re-using material. This is typified by the approach of our manufacturing sites where, we are aiming to totally remove any waste being sent to landfill as a result of our manufacturing activities. This has been achieved in Japan where 7 automobile factories produce no waste from the manufacturing process. All waste is either re-used or recycled. The manufacturing plant in Swindon is making similar progress and has reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill from 60kg a vehicle 10 years ago to 5.3kg at present. This will be reduced to zero by 2010.